2012 COMP 550

For training and competition you need a gi that's durable and hard to grip. A gi that allows for maneuverability in tight situations, lightweight and comfortable. Style of course is a bonus. Available in white, royal blue and black, the 2012/2013 Comp 550 is truly a dance of form and function. A hybrid cut, the Comp 550 is tailored fit for competition but also roomy enough for everyday training. Of course, unique to Origin, all Comp 550 gis come with a matching, extra long rashguard that will stay tucked in.


The OrangaHang is a unique training product designed for Gi BJJ Players looking to push their grip strength and finger conditioning to the next level. Check out the video and start your evolution in grip training!

- Condition Your Fingers & Hands
- Strengthen Your Extensor & Dorsal Muscles
- Hang Grip, Pistol Grip or Collar Grip
- Clip on Weight Machines
- Loop Through Chin up Bars

ORIGIN FightSkinsâ„¢

I thought up this product at the 2009 worlds. Between matches my body cooled. The wet gi hit my skin and my muscles started to weaken, and then it hit me...

- Compression Decreases Muscle Fatigue
- Creates a Frictionless Barrier
- Keeps Wet Gi off Your Skin, Wicking Sweat
- Provides Protection From Mat Grime
- Stays in Place and Looks Cool

Spats & Rash Guards

Gi or Nogi we all need protection. Compression creates blood flow and blood flow keeps your muscles working longer and harder. Our full line of compression tights and rash guards will keep you cool and dry while keeping mat grime off your body.

Custom Gear

If you are looking for a custom gi for your academy or association, Origin can help you realize your ideas. Because we build each gi from the ground up, there are a plethora of possibilities. Choose from our full selection of weaves, fabric colors and we will make a gi that is sure to set your school or association apart. Contact us today for a free consultation.

- Custom Gis
- Rash Guards
- Belts & Accessories
We'll be using PayPal as our payment system for about a month until our own system is set up.
In the mean time, PayPal is a safe way of paying for your goods.


We are in the middle of transitioning our stock range for 2013.  And rather than let you order something we don't have in stock, we have dropped the site for a couple of days.  If there is something you need... send us an email and we'll check for you!

For those waiting for your gear... thanks for your patience and it'll be with you very soon.

For anything else over the next couple of days please contact brad@origin-uk.com, mike@origin-uk.com or send us a note on facebook.

Brad & Mike

Just got my Genesis 550, nicest gi I own, and I own 11! Paul LaPorte, California
Just got my Origin Gensis Gi! with gray collar and gray gusset! This is by far the nice Gi I have ever warn! unreal quality and feel! First Gi I have ever been Blown away by!!! Hal Walfield, Arkansas
The gi is amazing! I personally think this Origin gi is better then my other gis without a doubt. Feels great, fits perfect, really nice details. I'm impressed by the gi! I can't wait to get another one! Thank you Origin!!! Tiffany Felipe
I got my gi a yesterday and i just want to say I LOVE IT!! you guys earned yourself a life long customer :) Jonathan Haas, Virginia
First, I've been a follower and huge fan of the BJJWeekly site. It's an awesome concept and you guys did a great job with it, thanks! Second, the gi.... wow. You are a badass! Love it. Can't wait to get it. - Mark Cauley, Mobile , AL
Wow!! Got my white comp 550 a couple of days ago....This cut is amazing!! It's like u took the best part from very gi and made one perfect one!!! This def won't be my last origin. I think I'm starting to like it better than my others!! Great work guys!!! John Kolter,
Hey Pete I received both Gi’s plus my spats and fight skins. I absolutely love all of it and they have already gotten a lot of use lol. I cannot wait for you to put more gear out because I want to switch over all of my gear that I use to Origin. You make a great product and I cannot wait to see what else you have in store. Jesse Rice, US Navy
This is the nicest, BEST fitting gi I've ever put on and owned in all my years; and I've been at it since 1995. Brian Oravetz, Georgia
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